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Dozens of Online channels you can sell on.
upload product, manage orders, and Settlement at once on AX Cloud


One-time product creation, Get dozens of online channels

You don't have to upload your product to each channel anymore

Give us your product information, the product will be automatically uploaded to dozen of channels. Our product guidelines will help you write better products description.

Manage all products in one place uploaded on dozens of channels

Real-time monitoring of product status on each channel is available on Dashboard. You can see how your products are uploaded through product links.

Are you interested in making your business international?

Submit product descriptions in English. Our experts will translate it into the language used in the target country.

Manage all orders from multiple channels
in one place

You don’t have to check all over the channel admins

Monitor all orders from dozens of channels in one place.

Confirmation and cancellation are reflected in real-time

Manage orders of every channel with buttons for Confirmation and Cancellation.

Custom vouchers will be sent automatically

Vouchers customized on each order will be sent to the customer automatically.
Two options are available, E-mail and Text message.

Real-time sales monitoring


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